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Company Overview

Global Utilities , is one of the

Canada’s all engineering

commodities, parts, instruments,

equipments and plants.

And we are proud to offer One stop

Shopping for electrical, mechanical,

construction and other integrated

supply for processing /

manufacturing plants, utilities and

construction companies.

Gypsum Board and Supplies

GU Gypsum Board and Supplies has:

Improved Durability.

Better Butt Joints.

Easier Scheduling.

Stronger Bond and Strength.

Greater Speed – All flat joints are filled and taped with Quick Set Setting Compounds.

Easier Handling – The improved edge designs makes handling easier with greater comfort to the hands.

No Special Equipment – All conventional fasteners, adhesives, and gypsum board application tools (T-squares, knives, etc.) can be used to apply.

Alignment – Smooth board with its unique edge (either configuration) allows for easy alignment of the boards in the same way as conventional tapered edge board. The taper is scientifically designed to reduce crowned joints.

Cost – If application techniques are followed as recommended, the GU System should cost no more and can cost considerably less than conventional gypsum drywall joint finishing. The initial savings are immediately demonstrated with reduced travel time that results from this perfected 2-trip, 3-step joint finishing system. Future cost savings will be realized with reduced callbacks.

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